Dr. Charlotte Uetrecht (female) is a junior group leader heading the group “Dynamics of viral Structures” at the HPI. She is specialized in studying large protein complexes, especially of viral origin, with native mass spectrometry (MS) and free-electron lasers (FEL). She has (co-) authored 24 publications and an h-index of 15. She pioneered high-resolution native MS analysis of intact viral capsids including their structural characterization with ion mobility cumulating in a model for the capsid assembly pathway. In 2014, she received a junior group leader position at the HPI funded by an SAW grant from the Leibniz association. Since 2011, she is also guest scientist at European XFEL developing new sample delivery techniques based on MS. She participated in writing the proposal for the XBI (XFEL biological infrastructure) user consortium at XFEL and was main contact point between XBI and XFEL. She first started on XFEL related work in Janos Hajdu’s lab in Uppsala, Sweden, as a postdoc on an EMBO longterm fellowship. For her work on native MS to analyse virus structure, she was awarded the HGK Westenbrink Prize in 2011. She is substitute German member of the Cost action on native mass spectrometry (BM1403) and deputy ShortTermScienctificMission coordinator within the Cost action.