Dr. Dimitris Papanastasiou (physisist, male), is a leading expert in ion optics, ion traps, differential ion mobility and time-of-flight analyzers. He has been involved in basic research, product R&D and several diverse prototype instrumentation development and validation in mass and ion mobility spectrometry and has authored a high number of patents, publications and textbook chapters. Dr. Papanastasiou gained this experience carrying out world-class research work during his post-graduate studies and doctoral thesis in Manchester, UK and postdoctoral studies in New Mexico, USA. DP has previously worked in Shimadzu Research Laboratory (SRL) developing hybrid mass spectrometers and differential mobility spectrometers. In August 2014 Dr. Papanastasiou was awarded the Curt Brunnée Award at the International Mass Spectrometry Conference in Geneva, for outstanding contribution to the development of the theoretical understanding of ion behaviors and implementation of this knowledge in new devices for ion optics and ion mobility.