Ivan Favero (male) obtained a PhD on the physics of semiconductor Quantum Dots in 2005. Over 2005-2007, he was involved in pioneering research in optomechanics in the team of Professor Karrai in Munich. Since 2008 in Paris, he leads a research activity on integrated semiconductor nano-optomechanical systems, and is the PI of an ERC Starting Grant on this topic (2012-2017). His team has brought many contributions to the birth and rise of nano-optomechanics, and today produces and controls optomechanical resonators at the forefront of technology. The team is continuously pushing new concepts, materials and fabrication protocols to improve performances of optomechanics. VIRUSCAN project brings all these developments to the first biomedical application of optomechanics, by targeting fine sensing experiments that identify virions through their mechanical properties. The project is hence uniquely benefiting from the expertise of the PI. Ivan Favero is author of more than 60 publications, 7 book chapters, 150 communications in conferences and 40 invited talks. He has supervised several multi-partners projects over the last years. Awards: Fabry De Gramont prize of the French Optical Society (2013), ERC Starting Grant (2012), CNRS Bronze medal (2012), Alexander Von Humboldt fellowship (2006).