CSIC and FASMATECH disseminated VIRUSCAN at the 65th ASMS Annual Conference 2017 organized by the  American Society of Mass spectrometer

The project coordinator (CSIC) and the industrial partner (FASMATECH) attended the “65th ASMS Annual Conference 2017” organized by the American Society of Mass spectrometer between the 4th and the 6th June 2017 in Indianapolis (USA).  This conference is the first reference in the world of mass spectrometry which is  a key part of the VIRUSCAN project.

CSIC delivered a talk about the objectives and approach of the project named “Mass and stiffness spectrometry based on multimode nanomechanical resonators for biological application”. FASMATECH   had a specific spot at the conference with promotional VIRUSCAN banner and also presented 2 VIRUSCAN technology related posters.

VIRUSCAN generated a great interest within the international scientific community and positive feedback was received. Besides the dissemination efforts, this conference was also a great opportunity to start establishing collaborations with relevant stakeholders and agents which can support the future exploitation of VIRUSCAN results.

Further information about this conference available at: http://www.asms.org/conferences/annual-conference/annual-conference-homepage

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